Thrusters & Propulsion Systems

CPP Maintenance, Shafting & Overhaul

Propulsion Service covers the whole maintenance process and does so in the most efficient way. Our engineers are highly skilled and have extensive field experience with all major installations. Propulsion Service inspects the installation and reports back in detail including appropriate solutions for any problems found. The superintendent who contracts Pollux Marine Services can rest assured that the job will be done well, within the specified period and by people who have the required qualifications.

Various jobs can easily be combined during scheduled docking. A proven job combination is:

Thruster maintenance

Pollux Marine Services’ Propulsion team offers bow thruster inspection and repair in dock, in-house or afloat depending on the job at hand. Propulsion Team maintains all parts of the bow thruster regardless make or type. A most common check requested comprises:

If there is a spare thruster at hand, we will install this unit and bring the damaged thruster to our workshop for repair. Overhauling is always a possibility. We can also offer our customers a complete overhaul. In that case, we will renew all parts that show wear or do not function as they should.

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