Automation and Control

Design & Building

Pollux Marine Services is an engineering company experienced in key aspects of evaluating the regulatory and operational requirements of the industry. We support our clients in choosing the most optimum products from various vendors and ensure that the cost is optimised to the best. We achieve this by engaging in the consultancy from the design stage to ensure the vessel comes without much of the teething problems and fully compliant.

Services & Retrofit

Pollux Marine Services is having a pool of Engineers trained for the running repair of various automation and electrical control systems of any kind and any make used onboard rigs, vessels including production platform and onshore industrial segments.

Inspection & Security

Pollux Marine Services undertakes an extensive range of surveys, inspections and audits. While instructions are often for work on a specific vessel or facility, we also work with multiple vessels and even entire fleets. These inspections are conducted with a purview of ascertain the health of equipment presently on board, any future changes which may be required basis the new regulations expected to come in force or the GAP analysis for the upgradation of the vessels on operational requirements.

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