Main and Auxiliary Engine repairs

24/7 Anywhere in the World

Full Service

  • Our service engineers and technicians (14 persons) are fully experienced and certified in wide variety of diesel engines overhaul. Most of them possess Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and some of them are experienced marine engineer with a certificate of competency of highest grade in marine segment. They have hands on experience is taking care of mostly all type of marine diesel engines.
  • Pollux Marine Services engine repair department fulfils inboard marine engine full service or repair with mobile capabilities. We have over 10 years of marine engines repair experience.
  • Our flying squads are ready to render engine repair services anywhere in the world.
  • Winches & Hydraulics : All types of winches and hydraulics systems.

Services of Mechanical department

✔  Main and auxiliary engine repairs

✔  Machinery (pumps, compressors, deck machinery etc.) repairs

✔  Heat exchanger repair

✔  Reduction gears repair

✔  Ship’s engine cylinder honing

✔  Fuel pumps, injectors (as per Hartridge technology)

✔  Gas-turbo supercharger repair

Recondition Works

All recondition activity is based on Hi-Tec processes like Metal Cold Spraying, PTA, Metal Thermal Spraying, Automatized MIG Welding e.t.c. approved by Recognized Organisations

✔  Restoration of parts by gas-powder spraying

✔  Reconditioning of Valves and valve seats using PTA process.

✔  Big outlet valves recondition using automatic MAG process.

✔  Big inlet valves recondition using thermal spraying process.

✔  Recondition of pistons and piston heads, made of steel or aluminium alloys.

✔  Piston rings replacement.

✔  Pistons assembling.

✔  Recondition of the cylinder covers made of steel or cast iron using various hard-facing    methods. Valve seats over pressing.

✔  Recondition of the hydraulic cylinders and rods using cold-spraying method.

✔  Recondition of the marine engines worn out connecting rods.

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